What We Do

Event Management

JR Events & Sales are passionate and experienced when it comes to running an event. With over 20 years experience in coordinating, managing and running events in the UK and internationally we can ensure you that our experience is matched to your needs.

We work as an extension of your team to deliver events to remember. We can work with you on all aspects of your event or just one. The lead time for your event doesn’t matter, we can work with you at any stage.

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Project Management & Destination Development

A tourism professional with over two decades of experience, Jemma boasts a track record of success in project management, destination and product development, marketing, travel trade, events, and sales. Through her collaborative efforts with local, regional, and national businesses and stakeholders, she is driven by an unwavering passion for growth, innovation, and excellence, making a tangible impact on businesses and destinations.

Event Assistance

Please get in touch with if you;

– Need an experienced event manager or managers for additional manpower on-site at your event.
– Cannot justify employing a full-time events manager.
– Do not have the skills in-house.
– Have an immediate temporary staff shortage that needs to be covered.
– Need to temporarily supplement your events team for a large project.
– Need assistance or advice on any aspect of event management.

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Sales Services

JR Events & Sales can provide sales services to a variety of company types which can include any of the items below and more…

– Assist you in developing and raising awareness of your brand/a new brand.
– Secure appointments, research, meetings and sponsorship.
– Work on a sales project.
– Develop or manage your website and/or social media.

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Destination Management and Development

We have extensive experience in destination and product development. With a complete passion for innovation and creativity, we can support you and provide you with the tools and experience to diversify and develop something new for your customers.

We are also very passionate about what Scotland has to offer. We will work with you to create an itinerary that suits your group and makes them excited and want to come back to Scotland time and time again. We want to showcase this beautiful country in a traditional way but with modern and fresh twists which could include some of the popular visitor activities such as Highland Games, Whisky Tasting and Castle tours but other ideas might include Handheld GPS Treasure hunts around Edinburgh to ‘Catch and Cook’ on the River Tweed.

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