Event Assistance

Contact us if you require event assistance when:

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Event Assistance

– You cannot justify employing a full-time events manager or do not have the skills in-house and require event assistance

– You have an immediate temporary staff shortage that needs to be covered and require event assistance

– You need to temporarily supplement your events team for a large project or event

– You need event assistance or advice on any aspect of event management

– You require high quality extra manpower on site at an event

– You need any stage or all stages of an event to be managed

This can be on an ad-hoc, project by project, one off or part time/freelance basis – so please do no hesitate to contact us for more information.


Why should you work with JR Events & Sales

We have worked in a variety of high pressure situations on a variety of events from conception through to post event evaluation, future planning and strategy. Working at all levels of events management from event assistance through to directing events, it has given us a set of proven skills particularly tailored to managing successful events.

We have a track record of successfully providing and managing a varied programme of events with a very high public profile whilst over achieving set financial targets.

We have a team of people that work with us and we really can make a difference!!!

Because we are…

Personal + Professional + Passionate

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